Announcing: THNDR Duels

Duels is a unique PvP mode that offers players the chance to engage in real-time, head-to-head battles in nearly real-time matches.
September 5, 2023
Announcing: THNDR Duels

THNDR is fun. Clicking on the sorbet, sunset flavored Solitaire icon immediately transports you to a refreshed version of the Windows-classic card game that transfixed us through the beginning of the PC era. But THNDR always brings a bit of spice. Unique scoring strategies, phenomenal UX, and a welcome departure from the incessant pop-up aesthetic of the mobile gaming genre, all differentiate the products we build at THNDR. However, the most notable are the bitcoin-based micro-incentive rewards keep users hooked and coming back for more.

Up until now the THNDR user journey has been entirely focused on the solo quest. Yes, weekend esports tournaments with leaderboards created the THNDR community as we know it, but the experience has felt isolated for those looking for more. In an ever increasing social and connected world, we want to give our community something more, but that doesn’t detract from the current game state, yet adds a social element to the current experience. And we’ve done just that.

Today we’re proud to present the beginning of a new era for THNDR. We welcome to the world: Duels. Duels is a freshly introduced gameplay mode allowing players to go head-to-head in nearly real-time matches. This feature not only integrates a new competitive component to the games, but also brings a new layer of strategy and social interaction. Players can now put a new in-game currency, known as 'Bolts', on the line to prove their skills against worthy opponents. The stakes? Not just pride and bragging rights, but more in-game rewards than ever before.

For those who thrive on adrenaline and challenge, the more you play and the higher the Duel amounts you wager, the more 'Stars', or experience points (XP), you earn. These stars are not merely decorative; they're a testament to a player's prowess and experience in the Duel arena. Soon, collecting XP Stars can unlock various in-game benefits and, perhaps more importantly, respect amongst the gaming community.

Club Bitcoin: Solitaire will be the first game powered up with Duels, and we will slowly roll it out throughout the portfolio. Traditionally viewed as a solo endeavor, Solitaire now has players pitting their skills against one another in this new, electrifying PvP format. Every move could mean the difference between winning a stash of Bolts or leaving empty-handed. Dare to Duel?

At THNDR, we’re committed to evolving and enhancing the gaming experience for our community. It's not just about introducing fresh new features; it's about reinventing what is possible with in-game rewards and bringing new meaning to competitive gaming. This is just the beginning of a more engaging and competitive gaming experience.

Test out Duels today (deep dive explainer below) and stay tuned for our next big announcement this Fall.


The high-level

Duels is a new social, competitive feature that allows users to compete in a PvP mode that offers more prizes and new ways to promote your reputation.

Mediums of exchange: Bolts and XP stars

A few things first. You’ll be introduced to two new in-game currencies:

Bolts - A soft currency that you can use to Duel. 

  • Compete: Put these on the line to compete with your opponents. If you win, you’ll get your opponent’s Bolts. If you lose… 
  • So easy it’s free: Every 8 hours you can collect 500 free Bolts in the Shop. But you must go there to collect them. That’s 1,500 free Bolts per day.
  • VIP: If you’re a VIP subscriber, the free Bolt rewards above are doubled.
  • Fiat to first place: You can also purchase Bolts with Cubes. 21 cubes = 10,000 Bolts. Dump your dirty fiat into Cubes, buy some Bolts, and start taking names.

Stars (XP) - Stars are experience points (XP). 

  • Level up: As you collect more Stars, you’ll level up. Higher levels unlock higher Duel tiers and more benefits in the near future.
  • Reach higher: The larger the Duel tier you select, the more Stars you earn. While you may risk Bolts for losing, you’ll win the same amount of Stars either way.
  • Just the tip: There’s a lot of additional features and benefits to be released in the near future, and higher level players will be able to access and earn more. Start playing now and level up so you’ll have full access when the time is right.

How to play

Now that you’ve collected your Bolts, you can start your first Duel.

1. To open Duels, simply click on the crossed swords icon in the lower left hand corner.

2. Once your Duel screen opens, you’ll encounter a quick rundown of the Duels feature. After your first Duel, this page will begin displaying current Duels and your match history.

3. After selecting “Start a Duel”, you’ll be prompted to select a Duel tier. Some tiers are locked and only become available after you reach a certain XP level. Remember: the greater the amount, the more XP you can earn.

4. On the next screen, you will be matched with an opponent after confirming your Duel tier.

5. You will have 60 minutes to complete your hand and achieve the highest score possible. Complete your hand by either winning the match or selecting the checkered flag icon in the lower left hand corner.

6. After completing the match, if your opponent has also completed their match, you will be able to claim your prizes. If your opponent has not yet completed their match, you will see it as ‘pending’ in the Matches section of your Duels page.

Play as many Duels as possible to gain Stars (XP) and level up! And don’t forget to go to visit the Shop every 8 hours for your free Bolts!

Out of game earning

Want to win more Bolts? Join our Discord group

We’ll be hosting regular tournaments and fun side quests where you can stock up on Bolts to Duel your way to the top of the THNDR community!