- - just what the doctor ordered - -

Help us bring bitcoin to the world by PINK-Pilling your friends. Better yet, onboard them with the most simple and fun way possible:

"How?" You might ask?

  1. Simply head over to any of our games (thndr.game/bitcoin-games)
  2. Open the THNDR panel (3 vertical line icon in the upper left corner)
  3. Scroll to the 'Spread Bitcoin' section and click 'Invite Friends'
  4. Click 'Share invite link', and BOOM copy or share via Twitter, SMS, or more!

What's in it for me?

Dang! Creating new bitcoiners isn't enough for you, huh? We'll you're in luck! For every friend (or enemy... we're not picky) you refer, you'll get:

You get a unique referral link for each game, so that's four times the fun!

A few rules...

Before you go get crazy, there are a few ground rules to being apart of the club:

  • You can only claim 1,000 tickets once per game, per friend
  • You start earning rewards for 14 days from the time your friend claims sats to their wallet for the first time
  • Only your referrals for the game you are playing wil appear in that game
  • Your tickets will be auto entered into the prize draw from the game you referred. No action is required
  • Sats earned will be credited along with your prizes

If you need more direction or have questions, take a trip to our Discord here where the rest of the THNDR fam is waiting to help you along your journey.

What are you waiting for? Pink-Pilling starts now!


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