Why THNDR vs. Thunder as our brand name

If you think it is written thunder, then buckle up because everybody is welcome at THNDR GAMES!
March 9, 2023
Why THNDR vs. Thunder as our brand name

TL;DR: Because we are cool [Seriously, though!]

Hello, you may have guessed it by now, but we are THNDR! ;)

Have you ever considered company names and why some of them are so simple? Stop to think for a second: "Apple"! "Microsoft"? "Thunder"!? What's the story there? 

The lack of vowels in many of the more original and daring company names, though, really tend to stuck out to us the more one thinks about them. Just consider it: "Flckr","Ggl", ‘’thndr’’ and "Yhoo." Bet you can't even say any of these brand names without feeling a little bit more wild and unconventional. These are some pretty cool and original names.

So why would a company choose a name lacking vowels? Why ''THNDR'' and not ''THUNDER''? Good questions! Let's answer them below:

  1. It stands out and is memorable.

There are a lot of businesses out there, and it can be challenging to differentiate out from the competition. It goes without saying that a name without vowels will be more memorable and distinctive than anything like "John's Plumbing Services." You could tell it's not simply another generic corporation when you see names like "Ggl", "Flckr’’ or ‘’thunder’’.

  1. It's alternative and stylish.

A name without vowels merely sounds rougher and more alternative, as already stated. A brand might select such a name if they wish to appeal to a younger, more rebellious market. 

  1. Marketing and branding are way simpler.

A name without vowels is brief and memorable. Because their name will be more likely to linger in people's thoughts, this makes it easy for a business to brand and advertise themselves. For example: What looks cooler, ‘’Thunder’’ or THNDR Games? 

  1. To prevent legal and trademark issues.

A name lacking vowels is frequently more difficult to pronounce incorrectly or misspell, which increases the likelihood that customers will link it with the business. A name lacking vowels might also be simpler to register and protect, less likely to conflict with already-registered trademarks.

  1. Because our games are built on top of the Lightning Network.

And what’s the sound of a Lightning bolt? A powerful thunder! Thus our name is pronounced thunder games but it’s written THNDR Games. One more time: it’s THNDR Games and not ’thunder’’, ‘’THUNDER’’ nor ‘’thunder games!’’ That’s it, that’s the brand!

There you have it, then. A name without vowels may be the best option if your business wants to stand out from the competition and appeal to a younger, more alternative audience. Although we don't want to leave anybody out even if you think it is written thunder. So buckle up because everybody is welcome at THNDR GAMES!

Stay fresh and feel the THNDR, my friend!