Top 5 ways to earn Bitcoin in 2023

A list with the best and easiest ways to stack more sats in 2023.
March 9, 2023
Top 5 ways to earn Bitcoin in 2023

Here is our list for this year. We kept it short and simple although we recommend our readers to always dig deeper for more information and resources: 

  1. A cool way to earn every day is by simply reading articles on The Bitcoin Magazine App. In this way you may learn about Bitcoin and get paid for it. Click here for more information!

  1. By posting on a Lightning-enabled Reddit-like site: we are talking about Stacker News. It's like Hacker News but they pay you Bitcoin.  

  1. By listening to podcasts on Fountain. Their app is the only place where listeners and podcasters earn bitcoin for the value they provide for others. Check it out!

  1. Another way to earn bitcoin is by trading on a Lightning native trading platform like LN Markets. This can be done by buying low and selling high or by profiting from arbitrage in market price (plus almost instant settlements). Beware: always keep in mind the risks, as it's possible to lose some sats too with trading! Proceed with caution or just stick to the other four options on this list.


  1. By playing THNDR play to earn games. These are casual games and while the amounts earned through these fun interactive faucets are usually small, they can add up over time. One sat a day keeps the inflation away! 

Happy stacking! :D