Announcing: THNDR Avatars

Express yourself and build your identity with THNDR Avatar assets!
June 15, 2023
Announcing: THNDR Avatars

Today we’re excited to launch our newest feature that allows users to better express their identity in the THNDR ecosystem. Announcing: THNDR Avatars!

Our community of passionate users compete regularly in daily and weekend tournaments, and in the THNDR Leagues system. But until now, users were forced to view lackluster leaderboards with anonymous grey avatars leaving users unaware of who they were competing against. THNDR Avatars aim to fill this void by bringing the feeling of identity and reputation to our games.

Avatars are tied to THNDR IDs and are persistent across the THNDR universe. Open any game and your avatar and inventory system will be available to you. Compete in any tournament or League and see who you have left to beat. And don’t forget, you can easily share your favorite Avatars on your social channels!

This release is an early version of THNDR Avatars. We will continue to evolve the Avatar system and assets along with user feedback. As you collect unique and rare avatar assets, you can assemble your perfect avatar. We’re experimenting with the Taproot Asset Protocol for users to mint their favorite Avatar combinations. If you’re interested, sign up to be notified when Avatar minting is live. Share the love and refer your friends! Top 50 referrers will get their Avatar of choice minted for free*!

The evolution of the plain grey circle is a small step towards the initial launch of our next major social competitive product (🤫🔜). We’re incredibly excited to release THNDR Avatars into the wild and see what our users create. As always, we’d love your feedback on what you like, what you don’t, and ideas for improvement! Reach out via email (, hop in the #avatars Discord channel or DM us on Twitter (@THNDRGAMES).

We hope you love your Avatars as much as we do.


Getting started:

It’s easy! Simply open up or download Club Bitcoin: Solitaire or Tetro Titles and you’ll immediately be prompted to pick your first avatar. No worries though, you’ll be able to change it shortly!

Upon picking your first avatar, you’ll receive 20 cubes! Cubes are an in-game currency that you can use to buy a range of items. VIP subscribers get 5 free cubes every day they open a game. You can also win cubes for participating in community events (more on that later).

Once you collect your cubes, navigate back to the THNDR panel in the upper left hand corner and click the blue “Edit your profile” button. This is where you can use your cubes to purchase Avatar Asset Bundles, and grow your asset library!

Avatar Generator and Spins:

To try out the Avatar Generator, it’s as easy as 1-2-SPIN! Everyone gets 2 free spins (in addition to your 20 cubes) for new Avatar Assets. If you make it to the top of the highest League, you also get one free spin! When you spin the Avatar Generator, you will win an Asset Bundle. This include three Avatar Assets:

  • Bodies
  • Screens
  • Themes

If you run out of spins, you can simply purchase more!

After you’re done spinning, you can view and collect your new Assets and check out their rarity. There are three rarity scores: Common, Rare, and Epic. The more rare the assets, the more valuable your avatar! Try and get as many rare and epic Assets before minting is unleashed!

Design your avatar:

In the top navigation bar, you can toggle between Avatar properties and view the Assets you’ve collected. You can pick and choose different Assets to design your perfect Avatar. And there’s nothing stopping you from changing it up daily, hourly, or at any time you’re feeling something new!

To view your current, public Avatar, edit your THNDR ID, and view your balances, simply click on the small profile icon in the top panel.

Avatar Homepage:

On the Avatar Homepage, you can view your assets, increase your cubes inventory, and also purchase premium Avatar designs. New premium Avatar Bundles are released daily and can be purchased with cubes.

*Up to a $5USD tx fee.