The THNDR community is one of the most engaged and ingenuitive communities in bitcoin and beyond. So much so, it’s almost hard for us to keep up! From the best memes on the internet, bespoke esports tournaments, to new and exciting ways to challenge each other — the desire for competition is unparalleled. And, as always, we’re listening.👂

Today we’re excited to release the first social, competitive feature in the THNDR platform. THNDR Leagues. This is the first of many features we’re building to meet the competitive needs of the THNDR community. Leagues is a levelling system that allows users to compete daily against the entire community in an effort to reach the top, and play amongst the elite.

Why Leagues?

The THNDR community has been asking for new and exciting ways to engage and test how their skills compare with other users. Leagues is the first of many social, competitive features that offers more depth in gameplay in the current portfolio of casual games. At first, Leagues will only be available in Club Bitcoin: Solitaire, but will be rolled out to all new games, and selected pre-existing games.

As you get your hands dirty in your first League, you will see that each game has its own unique League system, but we’ll leave it to you to guess what’s next. 😉

Why are THNDR Leagues better?

Who doesn’t love a good league? Some folks on the team have been stuck in Duolingo purgatory between the Pearl and Obsidian leagues for nearly a year. 🥵

Drawing inspiration from successful league systems across the games industry, THNDR CPO, Grzegorz Flor, wanted to introduce a leagues strategy that felt like a game in and of itself. However, league systems can also leave players discouraged after regular relegations and demotions. THNDR Leagues satiate both sides of the equation:

1 - Daily Leagues
2 -
Nine attempts at the GRID (see below)
3 - Unique score strategy
4 - VIP access to League insights and tools

What’s next?

Everything we build at THNDR is for our community. We believe the best products solve problems or satisfy unmet needs. Leagues is an attempt to bring our first competitive feature to the THNDR platform that introduces an element of social challenge to our games.

So, what’s next? You tell us! Test it, break it, love it, hate it — and give us your uncensored, honest feedback (join our Discord here). We’ll continue to add new elements into Leagues and build our next competitive feature based on what you want. But only after we’re done beating you to the Las Vegas league, of course. 😜

If you’ve made it this far, update Club Bitcoin: Solitaire (or download it now) and try it out for yourself.

Over n’ out



P.S - If you want to learn more about how the THNDR league works, read our how to guide here