How do THNDR Leagues work? Introducing “THE GRID”

Simply open Club Bitcoin: Solitaire and click on the Shield icon in the bottom panel. You will be prompted to join your first League and be guided through a simple, yet comprehensive tutorial. Didn’t catch it? You can watch it again… or read through this:

The Gist

Every day is a new attempt to climb the League rankings. Each day is broken up into three, eight hour “Rounds”:

- Round 1: 12AM - 8AM UTC
- Round 2: 8AM - 4PM UTC
- Round 3: 4AM - 12AM UTC

You will have three “Attempts” during each “Round” or time period to win your hand and achieve your highest score possible.

The Grid

You may have noticed a 9x9 square in your game already, or on your Twitter feed. The GRID is your scorecard. It marks your League attempts during each round, so the dots denote:

White - An attempt that is live! You are in the active round and this is your shot!
Grey - A future attempt that isn’t available yet. You must wait until the next Round.
Pink - You’ve missed your attempt. 😭
Green - You’ve played your attempt and scored.

Your goal is to fill the GRID with green dots every day. More green dots mean more attempts (and hopefully great scores), which improve your chance at being promoted and earning more bitcoin!

Scoring - Attempt Score vs League Score

Each League attempt (9 total, daily) you receive a score, this is your individual “Attempt Score” for that attempt. Your three highest League scores throughout the entire day will be added together, along with your highest score of the day (in Leagues, OR during normal play), for a combined total, which is your “League Score”. Your League Score will be calculated at the end of the day (12AM UTC) or when you have completed all your League attempts.

Top 3 League scores + highest daily score (in Leagues or normal play) = League Score

Your daily League Score is what determines if you will be promoted or relegated. This is what you will be competing with other users for. Each league tier has a unique configuration  which defines the number of players which are promoted and demoted.

Players are relegated only if they joined a new daily League and scored lower than all other players and fall below the demotion line. If you join your League that day by playing a round, you will remain in your current League.

Very Important Player - VIP

Can’t get enough of Leagues? Neither can we! That’s why we’ve made it possible to get extra insights and a better playing experience with the VIP subscription.

This is our first swing at VIP offerings, but right now this includes:

- VIP Badge - Look at you and your fancy pink lightning bolt badge! Way to show people you’re important and part of the THNDR fam.
- No ads - An absolute necessity.
- No more interruptions from horrible ads from Solitaire Cash (eek, we’re sorry about these).
- View competitor grids - Want to see how horribly Jack is playing, or plan your next move to take over Koty? Now you’ve got access to spy on the competition. See how many attempts your opponents have left, and plan your plays accordingly!
- No more missed attempts - Ain’t nobody got time for that! Play on your own time. No more waiting for a Round to open or stressing over missed attempts.

This is just the beginning. We will be adding additional features based on what YOU want to see. So keep the feedback coming and we can build the future of the THNDRverse together. 🤗

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