🐈 How to play THNDR Bay?

🏝️ Launch your bubble creature towards other bubbles that match your creature until the entire level is solved. As you complete each level, you earn coins 🟡 and other prizes that can be redeemed for skills 💪 and power-ups. After each level you will also receive 🔟 tickets.

These tickets accumulate as you advance through the game and win new levels. Each ticket serves as one automatic entry into the daily prize draw, to win a random amount of sats (prizes are shown on the game menu when pressing the "Bitcoin" icon).

You must have a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet previously installed to withdraw your daily bitcoin reward. Once you are set, go to the menu and press on the "Bitcoin" icon, and you will see the rewards list. Press on the "CLAIM ALL" button and your wallet will be opened automatically (if you have more than just one, a pop-up screen will appear letting you select the wallet of your choice). Then, just press "OK" in the wallet and you will receive your satoshis (fractions of a whole bitcoin) in your own wallet.

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