🧊 How to play Bitcoin Bounce?

It's a simple concept. The player bounces a character across the "blockchain" to collect purple THNDR tickets, which will be entered daily in a draw to win bitcoin rewards randomly.

Mind the gaps and try as much as you can to land on the glowing blocks! Also, remember to get the Lightning and Shield power-ups while you play, they are extremely helpful!

You must have a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet previously installed to withdraw your daily bitcoin reward. Once you are set, go to the menu and press on the "Bitcoin" icon, and you will see the rewards list. Press on the "CLAIM ALL" button and your wallet will be opened automatically (if you have more than just one, a pop-up screen will appear letting you select the wallet of your choice). Then, just press "OK" in the wallet and you will receive your satoshis (fractions of a whole bitcoin) in your own wallet

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