🧡 Community Guidelines 👾

🙏 THNDR⚡️GAMES Community Guidelines:

⚡️ We want this group to stay cool and keep growing together, while having fun and stacking sats. Although, we have some simple guidelines as a Bitcoin gaming community:

  • 🔴No SPAM
  • 🔴No SCAM
  • 🔴No PORN
  • 🔴No Insults (if a spammer texts you via DM from ourgroup, let the admins know about it).
  • 🔴No Politics. Abstain from unproductive politicaldiscussions, this is a gaming group after all.
  • 🔴No referral or affiliate links (You will get banned)Behelpful to bitcoin beginners
  • 🔴No harassment, racism or hate speech
  • 🔴No begging or asking for money
  • 🔴Only share links if in the context of a discussion (nolink spam)
Remember that we are here for two (2) reasons: to relax among some fellow bitcoiners and obtain our sweet satoshis.
👾 This group is for talking about THNDR games, having a fun time while earning sats, learning from other players and getting hugs 👉 #1satgang ✨.
You can also talk about topics that the community likes but this is not a space to comment on trading or altcoins (if you really want to talk about politics, please join other groups focused on that).
🐱Remember: SATS / Bitcoin 🙆🏽
Thank you so much for being here, you are legends!
Be respectful 🧡
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