Clinch Private Beta 2.0: Getting Started

Thanks for being a very early Clinch user! While we're excited to have you test out the mobile web version, keep in mind, it is still really early. This is why we're including a few tips to get started (add as home screen shortcut and pay invoices in mobile) below.

Add Clinch as an app to your home screen:

iOS (Safari)

1. On your mobile phone, navigate to this link in your web browser.

2. On the bottom of the screen under the browser box, click on the blue box-with-arrow icon.

3. Scroll down to the grey option and select “Add to Home Screen”

4. Exit back to your home screen, and you will see a simple black app with a ‘C’ icon. This is Clinch!

Android (Firefox)


If you are using a device or browser not mentioned above, you will find many resources on how to add a website shortcut to your homescreen with a simple Google search, such as: 

“How to add a website as a home screen shortcut on [YOUR DEVICE] / [YOUR MOBILE BROWSER]”

If you need additional help, please email us at:

How to make your wager payment on mobile web:

Clinch is still in early, private beta. On this initial mobile web version, you will only be able to use Wallet of Satoshi. If you don’t have Wallet of Satoshi, you can download it on your device from their website:

Start here:

1. When you opponent joins your match, you will be prompted to pay an invoice. A QR code will be displayed, as well as two payment options.

2. If you already have Wallet of Satoshi installed, you can select the “PAY WITH WALLET” button. 

3. Wallet of Satoshi will automatically open on your device and you will be prompted, and you should select the ‘Pay’ option. This will automatically pay your wager.

If Wallet of Satoshi was not the last wallet installed on your phone, you will need to copy and paste the invoice manually (we will share instructions on changing your preferred wallet later).

1. In this scenario, on the payment / QR screen, select ‘COPY INVOICE’.

2. You will then need to manually open Wallet of Satoshi on your device. Once open, select the yellow ‘Send’ button.

3. On the next screen, select the clipboard/file icon.

4. A popup will appear asking to paste from Safari. Select ‘Allow Paste’

5. You will then be prompted to pay. Select the green ‘Send’ button.

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