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THNDR is a next generation competitive gaming platform and suite of developer tools for powering mobile games and applications with real-world value.

If you are looking for fun, then we have you covered! We have the best play to earn games for Android and iOS. Download a title below and start having fun playing our Bitcoin games today!

Tetro Tiles

A tile-stacking brain teaser puzzle game with bitcoin!

If you are a fan of woodoku, sudoku, tetris or any other puzzle game then you must check out Tetro Tiles!  Think you are good at solving puzzles?  Give it a try and find out!

Club Bitcoin: Solitaire

Bitcoin-powered classic Solitaire game

If you like Solitaire, then you will fall in love with Club Bitcoin. Play the most tantalizing Classic Solitaire game on the market while earning Bitcoin! What more could you want?
 Bitcoin Bounce featured image

Bitcoin Bounce

Bounce along the blockchain

Play Bitcoin Bounce and simply earn bitcoin by playing! The aim of the game - see how far along the blockchain you can bounce.
Turbo 84  featured image

Turbo 84

Can you reach 100mph?

Drive as fast as you can through this insane lane changing bitcoin game! Just don't crash on your way to getting your top speed.

Bitcoin Snake

Classic Snake - Now with Bitcoin!

Bitcoin + Snake? Why not! One of the most well known and most popular mobile games in the world now gives you sats for eating worms.
Thndr Bay  featured image

Bitcoin Bay

Bitcoin Bubble Shooter

Win bitcoin by simply playing a relaxing, seaside Bubble Shooter! Team up with Spark, on a tropical voyage!

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